Portable Honey Extraction Unit

Serving beekeepers in the WNY area, Wayne Bonnett’s mobile honey processing facility makes honey extraction easy and affordable.

Extraction equipment can be costly and often impractical for hobbyist beekeepers. Bee In Your Bonnett’s goal is to make honey extraction available to small scale beekeepers looking to harvest honey without the expense of purchasing equipment that will only be used a few times each year.

Why Extract?

The greatest benefit of using a honey extractor is the preservation of the honeycomb itself. This is a valuable resource to the hive, and the comb on a frame that has been harvested with an extractor is not destroyed. The wax on the frame can simply be reused by the bees, saving them energy and increasing honey production.

How It Works

Ones frames of capped honey are removed from the hive, they are ready to be extracted. Bee In Your Bonnett will take these frames into the portable extraction unit and process them. The first step is to puncture the wax cappings on the cells to expose the honey, then the frames are placed into the extractor. Centrifugal force spins the honey out of the frames and into the stainless steel body of the unit. From there, the honey is simply filtered through a stainless steel sieve to remove any wax particles and it is ready for bottling.

Need More Help?

Bee In Your Bonnett’s services include honey extraction, beekeeping consultation and bee removal. Please contact Wayne Bonnett for more information.